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Awards can be tailor-made with any of our customer processes in order to enhance the originality of a corporate recognition program.

Personalization, Identification, & Organization

World Wide Recognition is a family owned and operated small business with a large corporation mentality. We take pride in our ability to personalize our products for our customers. The names and patent numbers are laser engraved on the gift boxes for ease of presentation. Orders are packed and organized to the client’s specification, typically alphabetically or sequentially by patent number. There is nothing that leaves the warehouse without giving it that last minute personal touch. Let us know if there is something extra we can do to make your presentation go off without a hitch.

Digital Typesetting & Image Transfer

laser-etch-processDue to the stringent guidelines of our corporate clients, we typeset every award layout to assure perfect accuracy. The layout is then sent over to our proofing department were it is stringently examined for misspellings, name inconsistencies, and any other errors or anomalies. Our quality guarantee assures that we will proof your layout as many times as it takes before it is finalized and approved for production!

World Wide Recognition’s proofing department is unsurpassed in accuracy with locating and correcting errors. We are a valuable asset in protecting our client’s rights as well as protection from the possibility of lost revenue. More than once, our clients have been grateful for the mistakes that we have caught, saving them from losing the patent application to a close competitor. All text, images, and diagrams are digitally transferred to film. This ensures no loss of or degradation of resolution and results in an exceptional clear typeface. We will never consider a photocopy as artwork for an award layout until it is cleaned and digitally generated to film.

Devoted Database

World Wide Recognition developed and implemented our internal database to enhance the overall relationship with our customers. The design of the database is dedicated to performing the “leg work” of the awards program. Allowing our clients to spend fewer hours on researching and organizing and more hours on tasks they were hired for.
Global Logistics

Logistics & Inventory Management

Drop Ship Managing

Does your company have multiple Research and Development departments scattered throughout the world? We assist our clients by coordinating shipments directly from our warehouse to any desired location. This includes multiple destinations or divisions of the company. Provide a list of locations where you would like the products delivered and we will handle the rest.

Stocking Programs

World Wide Recognition offers inventory stocking programs to better serve clients on meeting projected presentation dates without apprehension. These programs ensure faster delivery times and streamline the order processing system with scheduling of production more efficiently. We can customize a stocking program to the specific needs of any corporation. Please contact us regarding the possibility of setting up an inventory program to work in conjunction with your presentation dates and start feeling worry free today!