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Specialized Recognition

Established in 1994, World Wide Recognition is a service based, manufacturing firm that specializes in the practice of developing and implementing corporate patent and technology recognition programs.


Serving the Fortune 500

Today, World Wide Recognition sells and manufactures “up-scale” recognition award programs for the Research and Development, Intellectual Property, and Technology departments of fortune 500 companies throughout the world.

Exceptional Quality

From our manufacture and assembly facility we produce executive awards with a proven reputation for high quality craftsmanship, including plaques, framed certificates, perpetual and desktop awards, and custom lobby displays.

Mission & Values

What We Value

Importance of Recognition

The term recognition can be defined in many different ways. Some define recognition as getting a reward or celebrating a success at work. Other organizations define recognition as earning an incentive for reaching a goal. All of these terms are related to recognition in some way. However, they do not completely define recognition. According to the Recognition Professionals International, formerly the NAER, recognition is: “An after-the-fact display of appreciation or acknowledgement of an individual or team’s desired behavior, effort, or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values.” Recognition is more than simply throwing a party, giving an employee a gift, or saying thank you. It is an acknowledgement that intentionally links employee behavior to corporate goals! A good recognition program includes rewards, awards, incentives, and celebrations.

Recognition Star

Recognition programs help organizations in three ways:

Recognition makes your company more profitable because employees who are recognized are more engaged in their work. Engaged employees perform at a higher level and give better service. According to John Knotter, author of Culture and Performance, companies that pay attention to employees enjoy exceptional increases to the bottom line when compared to companies that only pay attention to the bottom line. As a result, customers are more satisfied and will continue to do business with your organization.

Additionally, recognition builds a stronger relationship between the manager and the employee. As this relationship grows, employees develop a loyalty to the manager and the organization.

Most importantly, recognition programs help companies make more money.